Where it began..

  • Guitar / Lead Vocals
  • DOB: January 1
  • Sponsors: Moniker Guitars

Adaline Cherry


Jason, former drummer of The BeerGnomes, was a good friend yet due to the frequency of tours he decided that the band needed someone who could dedicate the time necessary for the role. Almost immediately following Jason's departure Jon Beckham joined on as trombone. Things were working well with Jon, he tenured our first non-local weekend, yet again the time didn't work well for him, Jon can be found playing Bass for One Short from McKinney, TX. 

In mid 2015 Samson Flancebaum joined us as a transplant from NY. Samson has an extensive record in ska having been a contributing member of Eli Whitney & The Sound Machine. By the end of that year our second Trumpeter, Tomo, joined us as well. We were able to release Chimera EP as a first Madaline full- line up.

Dan Sullivan

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  • Trumpet / Lead Vocals
  • DOB: May 14
  • Sponsors: NA

Just before the release of "It Is What It Is", we lost Trevor due to family and life obligations, good luck Trevor!

Madaline started as an acoustic duo consisting of Mark and Adaline in fall of 2013. Both of which coming from different musical backgrounds, Mark from a punk rock past and Adaline stemming from a more traditional foundation. It was only within a month that Dan and Trevor were introduced to the band, thus giving Madaline flight.

As a quartet Madaline released Yellow&Blue EP in Adaline's living room. A 4-song release kick started the band in what many called a nostalgic yet fresh take on ska-punk reminiscent of mid 90s ska.

image to the left Madaline 2014

Jason R. Cooley

As the band grew in first year and a half Madaline sought out brass talent to add to the mix. Early on Madaline took on Carlos Morales on trombone but was short lived as the time didn't work well, Carlos is a loved member of Top Hat Ted. Before the release of No Sound EP Jason Obenhaus joined on as tenor sax, 

image to the left with Jason

Image to the right with Jon

  • Drums
  • DOB: January 2
  • Sponsors: NA

Mark O'Neal Kimberlin

image above with Eric

Eric Pauda

  • Trombone / Backing Vocals
  • DOB: December 15
  • Sponsors: NA
  • Bass Guitar
  • DOB: NA
  • Sponsors: NA

Shortly after the release of Chimera, we were fortunate to have Eric Pauda join us as second guitar and supplemental vocals. Eric is a long time friend and brings much more to the table than your average guitar skill set. Tomo and Madaline separated on good terms in late 2017 and the phoenix from the ashes was Jason on Sax, (yes another Jason on Sax). We kicked ass in 2018 in many ways including a Texas run of the Vans Warped Tour, which was incredible.As of December 2018, we are in the studio working hard on a long awaited second full-length album titled "it is what it is" scheduled to release on March 16, 2019. 

Bass Player

Samson Flancebaum

  • Saxophone
  • DOB: September 15
  • Sponsors: NA
  • Guitar / Backing Vocals
  • DOB: April 27
  • Sponsors: NA