The Coast Is ClearEP

Released February 29, 2016

Released November 8, 2014

  1. Am I Gone

  2. Missing Link

  3. I'll Pay You In Beer

  4. Ode To Away

  5. Domestic Beer

Released July 17, 2015


Press & Mentions



  1. The Coast Is Clear

  2. Vernal Concession (VC)

  3. Failing Me

  4. Where Do We Go Now

  5. Fever

Released February 6, 2017

  1. Yellow & Blue

  2. No Sound

No SoundEP


Photos Courtesy: Ed Steele, Nick Morales, Ellie Alonzo, Tierny Hegar, fans of the band, and Madaline

Yellow & BlueEP


February 22, 2017 - Review of The Coast Is Clear EP (Ska-Boom.com)


  1. Yellow&Blue

  2. Row Yer Boat

  3. Domestic Bier

  4. When You're Sleepin

  5. To Oblivion and Beyond

  6. I'll Pay You In Beer

  7. What I'm Not

  8. Priorities

  9. A Fifth

  10. No Sound

  11. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

  • Fading Out2:10
  • I Don't Got Friends With 1-800 Numbers1:33
  • Outside The Lines2:21
  1. Fading Out

  2. I Don't Got Friends With 1-800 Numbers

  3. Outside The Lines

Released August 5, 2016

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  • The Coast Is Clear MASTER162:15
  • VC MASTER162:56
  • Failing Me MASTER162:19
  • Where Do We Go Now MasterFinal162:33
  • Fever MASTER167:08


I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

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