Who is Madaline?

Madaline is a 7-person Ska-Punk band from Denton, TX. The band combines nostalgic 90's 3rd wave ska rhythms combined with a hard punk meets Oi sound. The band is most known for their songs about beer, love/despair, as well as their strong political views. Madaline is fun and energetic and will be in your town killing all your burritos soon!


Denton, TX


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Chimera released on August 5 and has been acclaimed by This EP features 3 full length punk and ska tracks that test the limits of Madaline. Listen and find out for yourself. Click here to download the EP.


Abbey Underground


The Coast Is Clear EP released independently on February 6, 2017. This EP is groundbreaking for Madaline. While exploring more melodic punk rhythms and smoother ska beats, the band has stumbled upon a great mix that feels fresh and energetic. You can stream the EP right here or download by clicking the link to bandcamp

Photo Credit: Stillpoint Visions 2017

We will have a small Texas tour planned out for a week in November with our friends in Some Kind of Nightmare from San Diego. More info soon.

The Coast Is Clear EP

We just want to send out a shout out to all our friends who came out to Three Links in Dallas to support our friends Mad Dog and the 20/20s. We had a blasting hope to visit NebraSKA soon! Keep an eye out for fall shows as they appear on our Facebook events calendar, that is always the best place for up to date info on MADALINE. We love you all, CHEERS!!

  • Fading Out2:10
  • I Don't Got Friends With 1-800 Numbers1:33
  • Outside The Lines2:21